A balanced approach when helping individuals under the influence of evil forces

FH Havinga addressed the SAAP open day on 22 November 2008.

FH Havinga has had training in theology, psychology and as a paramedic and is a counsellor at the Trauma and Abuse Centre in Kempton Park.  He is also a specialist in crime where harmful religious practices are involved. 

The nature of man is distinguishable in three dimensions, although it cannot be separated:

  • The body (soma) – the flesh and neuro-hormonal system that responds to the brain.
  • The soul (psygé) – the mind as centre of thinking (intellect, will and emotion).
  • The spirit (pneuma) – the breath of life, in the unseen realm, where belief functions.

The multi-dimensional world view accepts that there is a natural world (the physical) in which we all exist, as well as the spiritual or unseen world.  The spiritual world consists of heaven where God resides, and the underworld, that is the demonic realm. Be sure to know that there is no contest between God and the devil – God is always in control.

A holistic and systemic view of man

The holistic and systemic view of man holds that every person functions in four dimensions:

Social: Relationships, socio-economic and recreation.

Physical: The body functions, chemical, psycho-physical.

Psychological: This is the mind and soul where we make choices based on our knowledge and emotions, driven by the perceptions in the unconscious mind, leading to behaviour.

Spiritual: Our belief systems – we were created to believe; we have a need to know the truth and experience the supernatural that is bigger than ourselves; to transcend the visible world and respond to the supernatural.

The Bible supports the four dimensions of man:

  • Jesus addresses the social level when He recognises that Mary needs someone to take care of her (John 19:26, 27).
  • Jesus also recognises the physical dimension when he feeds the multitude (Matt 15:32).
  • Isaiah refers to the psychological dimension in Isiah 61:1-3 and Paul addresses cognitive restructuring in Romans 12:2.
  • Paul refers to the spiritual dimension in 1 Tim. 4:6-9 when he talks about the role of spiritual exercise.

A blueprint for effective counselling

All the dimensions of man should be addressed in counselling. Counselling limited only to the spiritual dimension may be ineffective. Someone with low blood pressure that feels tired and listless or a person with low self-esteem that may have a history of an alcoholic father that left the perception with him of being a worthless person cannot be treated on a spiritual level only.  Social problems such as drug abuse and crime may have to be resolved first.

The Bible states that in the last days, evil wil escalate. In his job, FH sees many harmful religious practices. Basic signs and symptoms of possible demonization are:

Confession of having invited demons to indwell the person via covenants;

Demonic interference in Spiritual growth activities;

Inner resistance and animosity towards true children of God;

Demonic voices (internal and external) — NOT due to other causes;

Unexplainable (by professionals) illness and/or psychopathological symptoms;

Supernatural abilities (not from God) and/or strength;

Obsession with occult, Satanism, witchcraft and divination practices;

Torture when exposed to the anointing of God;

Unexplainable (by professionals) self-destructive behaviour;

Participation in sacrifices to Satan or other “deities”;

Demonic nightmares and/or night visitations;

Demonic manifestations;

Addictive behaviour;

Emotional turmoil with no apparent reason; and

Demonic hallucinations and/or attacks.

FH keeps to the 70% rule: After a visit to a doctor and psychologist, at least 70% of these symptoms needs to be present before you even start suspecting demonization. 

Deliverance counselling

Deliverance need not be dramatic at all. Deliverance is derived from the the Greek word sozo, with the meaning “To save from danger or destruction; to deliver; to heal; to protect; to make whole; to keep from harm; to save from evil obstruction; to receive salvation from Christ; and to save from eternal judgement.”

80% of the success of deliverance is in pre-deliverance counselling.  This entails the following:

1. Obtain a good history. This includes the person’s genealogy, pre-birth, pre-school, primary school, high school and after school history.

2. Establish a good support and care-giving structure. This includes prayer and spiritual tender loving care (TLC).

3. Do spiritual training and teaching.  Aspects are prayer, petitioning, authority and Word.

4. Pray over all heredity and/or ties. Aspects are social, physical, psychological and spiritual issues.

5. Confessions, renunciations and forgiveness.

6. Do emotional healing and renewal of the mind.

7. Do pre-deliverance consultation.

A balanced approach will always bear in mind that the counsellee should be approached as a total person in all the dimensions of his/her existence. 

Be wary of spiritual abuse by the use of weird rituals in “casting out demons”.  Authority is not in the loudness of the voice, but in Christ’s position and authority. 

Always remember

Eliminate all the possible natural causes first before you go to the supernatural.

Demons will do what you cater for.

Protect the client from harm all the time during the deliverance.

Stay under the control of the Holy Spirit right through the session.

Constantly test your heart and methods to the Word.

Try never to do deliverance alone especially with the opposite sex.

Do not make the deliverance session too long (more than 3 hours at a time).

Do not adhere to traditional rituals - be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Authority has got nothing to do with the loudness of your voice.

Do not use force but authority.

Demons can be forced to reveal information.

Demons can get a hold on you if you are not under God’s protection.

Beware of the hangman’s noose of pride - refer the person for treatment if you cannot handle the problem.

The Holy Spirit is the deliverance worker - not you!

Keep the confidentiality!

Always tell the client how to retain his/her freedom.

Contact FH at (011) 975-4359 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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