Occult counselling

Occult counselling

Dr Kobus Jonker addressed the SAAP open day on 15 May 2010 with a look behind the scenes of incidents where occultism featured with a view to effective deliverance of the victims.

Dr Jonker has been involved with the investigation of crime related to the occult since 1981. He has a doctorate in Sociology, has his own practice and is still consulting to the SAPS.  He has authored many books, with electronic books available on CD, as well as 3 DVDs.

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” (1 Tim 4:1)

Today the devil presents many faces. One trick is to let people believe that Satan doesn’t even exist. They sometimes claim that there is no proof in the Old Testament of the devil’s existence. But in the book of Job, Satan is described as the prosecutor. In John 10:10 Jesus referred to the devil as the one who came to destroy and kill.

Signs of occult involvement

Not any single one, but a broad pattern of the following may indicate involvement in witchcraft or satanism: Obsession with games such as Dungeons and Dragons, heavy metal music, occult videos or movies, occult jewellery, a very rebellious spirit, obsession with black clothes, a morbid interest in death and suicide, nightmares and sleep problems, sketching of demons and occult signs such as the pentagram, masks, secrecy and doors that are always locked.

Dr Jonker showed evidence from many of the cases that he has been involved in.

He had encountered different types of sangomas. Some use herbal or traditional medicine and there may not be much wrong there. But some are involved in witchcraft: they may use ritual killing or use ventriloquist tricks to throw their voices to imitate an ancestor speaking. Some may call themselves “doctor” to mislead people.

People sometimes use a sangoma for fortune telling and for winning the Lotto. God, however, stated clearly that He hates witchcraft and fortune telling.

Dr Jonker related of a girl of 14 that dressed only in black and had a book “The witch’s craft”. She once had an appointment with witches from Johannesburg to meet her in Menlyn Park. Following this route she would eventually be trapped. Dr Jonker and her parents could lead her to break completely with these people, destroy all paraphernalia and build a relationship with Christ.

Counselling guidelines

Counsellors raised in a normal church background are usually not equipped to deal with the issues of demon possession and deliverance. But he or she may be confronted with manifestations such as strange voices coming from a person and superhuman strength.

Firstly, possible basic illnesses should be addressed that can cause erratic behaviour. Have a medical doctor and social worker examine the person before you investigate possible occult activity.

Refer the person to a psychologist that knows the Lord, especially if witchcraft is suspected. Deliverance should be the last resort. Be aware that people may have illnesses such as schizophrenia or other psychopathology and also be involved in witchcraft. These problems should both be attended to.

Always use the Word of God to deal with people involved in witchcraft – the name of Jesus Christ is the strongest weapon we have.

Be sure to know your Bible well, as some Satanists may know the Bible better than you do – they especially love the Old Testament.

Prayer plays a very important role in counselling people involved with the occult.

Never do deliverance alone. This can cause big problems, especially if you’re a man counselling a woman.

A person who worships the devil has a spiritual guide. The “strong man” must first be identified and renounced to get the victim clean.

Satanists usually make a blood pact with Lucifer and reject Jesus Christ. This pact must be broken by denying Lucifer, accepting Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord and worship­ping the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The blood of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of the ministry of deliverance.

Burn all satanic paraphernalia to ensure a complete break – CDs of heavy metal or death metal music, T-shirts, flags, posters, masks, knives, pentagrams, etc. Parents must give permission if a child’s stuff is to be destroyed (it is his property). It is best if he burns it himself.  Do not touch anything with blood on it, as it can be contaminated with hepatitis B.

Deliverance is only one-tenth of the counselling process.  The follow-up is very important to establish the person in healthy ways. Try to involve a pastor, psychologist or psychiatrist to assist the person in his or her growth path.

Parent, you are responsible for your child. Look for signs such as a child that is very secretive, always locks his room, and is busy late into the night. You have the right to make the rules in your house.

Also check your child’s diaries: you have the right as parent to get an understanding of his/her life. You have to care for your child if he is under your cover.

SAAP plans a full training course by dr Jonker in future.

Dr Jonker can be contacted at 082 786 2050

Glimpses of the Devil by psychiatrist Scott Peck is a good description of deliverance from the church’s point of view.

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