SAAP to become CPSC, a division of ACRP

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An application for recognition as a professional body, was submitted to SAQA on 21 October 2016 by the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP). The day was memorable indeed, as SAAP has been trying to find an open door at both the Health Professions Council of SA and the SA Council for Social Services Professions since 1991, unfortunately without success.

The Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP), is the non-profit company to be recognised as professional body for Christian religious practitioners. Specialist Christian ministries such as Pastoral and Spiritual Counselling, Ministry Training and General Ministry have been identified to be represented on the professional body, as divisions of ACRP.

SAAP will therefore become such a division with the name “Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC)”, as approved by the ACRP Board of Directors on 23 February 2017. Once all legal steps and formalities are in place, SAAP will dissolve to become the mentioned division of ACRP.

The SAQA process now entails assessment of the application, a SAQA site visit to the ACRP physical address (head office in Pretoria), submission to the SAQA Quality and Standards Committee and, finally, submission to the SAQA Board. So far so good...! This is the closest SAAP has ever come to professional recognition!

SAQA presentation 1

The photo shows the “memorable occasion” when the ACRP application was submitted to SAQA staff members. We owe a special word of thanks and appreciation to these members of SAQA staff. They, together with dr Jody Cedras, Ms Cleo Radebe and Mr Peter Bosch, have been extremely helpful and friendly in guiding us so far.

SAQA presentation 1

Here are Dr Tertius Erasmus (SAAP Chairperson), Ms Madu van der Berg (SAQA), Dr Hannes van der Walt (ACRP Secretary), Mrs Marieke Willers (SAAP Secretary), Ms Nyara Makuri (SAQA) and Ms Patricia Thahane (SAQA).





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