Professionalisation - 2011

The Health Professions Council of South Africa tabled the latest SAAP application for professional registration (submitted in March 2010) at their meeting on 20 April 2011. In June the following feedback was received:

The Executive Committee of Council resolved that the Southern African Association for Pastoral Work [SAAP] be requested to respond to the following –

  1. in relation to Section 3(f) of the Health Professions Act, 56 of 1974; how does the SAAP fit within the ambit or the objects of Council as provided for in this section of the Act; and
  2. how the work intended to be done by SAAP within the ambit of the Health Professions Council of South Africa [HPCSA] would not infringe upon or result in an overlap with the scopes of practice of professions that are currently registrable under the HPCSA.”

The SAAP Executive is in the process of addressing the HPCSA’s questions.  The chairperson is compiling a document dealing with “Spirituality and Health”  after a literature study on the subject. This document will be part of SAAP’s response to the HPCSA early in 2012.  The chairperson will also make an appointment to discuss this urgent matter with the Minister of Health personally.


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