Code Of Ethics

A SAAP member affirms and respects the dignity and worth of each person and maintains high ethical standards. When accepted for membership in the Association, a SAAP member is bound to accept the judgement of colleagues as to ethics standards. The maintenance of high standards of professional competence and moral and ethical conduct is a responsibility shared by all SAAP members in the interest of the public, the religious community and the profession.


  1. In all professional matters a SAAP member shall retain a high level of competence and maintains practices that will serve the public and will advance his or her own profession.
  2. A SAAP member shall maintain good standing in his or her faith group, and be aware of the influence of personal morals, ethics, values and norms on the quality of service. A SAAP member will always attempt to assist individuals to make informed decisions.
  3. A SAAP member shall not discriminate against those served with regard to race, religion, age, gender, national origin, physical handicap, or sexual orientation.
  4. A SAAP member shall respect the integrity and protect the welfare of those served or supervised. A SAAP member shall maintain those relationships on a professional basis, avoiding emotional, sexual, or any other form of exploitation.
  5. A SAAP member shall approach the religious convictions of a person or a group with respect and sensitivity. A SAAP member shall avoid imposition of his or her religious convictions (theology) on those served or supervised.
  6. A SAAP member shall protect the confidentiality of personal information acquired during pastoral sessions and regard all disclosures of those served or supervised as privileged.
  7. A SAAP member shall abide by the expectation of the standard professional practice of the institution in which he or she is employed. If, for any reason, he or she is not free to practice according to conscience, the member shall notify the employer and SAAP.
  8. A SAAP member shall maintain sound inter-professional relationships for purposes of consultation and referral.
  9. A SAAP member shall implement sound fiscal practices, maintain accurate financial records, and protect the integrity of funds entrusted to his or her care.
  10. A SAAP member shall not directly or by implication claim professional qualifications that exceed actual qualifications or misrepresent his or her affiliation with any institution, organisation, or individual. The member is responsible for correcting the misrepresentation or misunderstanding of his or her professional qualifications or affiliations.
  11. A SAAP member shall not use knowledge, position, or professional association to secure unfair personal advantage, knowingly permit his or her services to be used by other for purposes inconsistent with his or her ethical standards, or use affiliation with the Association for purposes that are not consonant with the stated purposes of the Association.
  12. A SAAP member shall respect the integrity and protect the welfare of colleagues. A SAAP member shall maintain those relationships on a professional basis, refraining from disparagement and avoiding emotional, sexual, or any other form of exploitation.
  13. A SAAP member shall relate to and cooperate with other professional persons in the institution in which he or she is employed, the community or cluster. A SAAP member shall refer a person to a designated specialist in circumstances which reasonably require such referral.
  14. A SAAP member shall continue professional education and growth, including participation in the meetings and affairs of SAAP. A SAAP member shall terminate pastoral work as soon as it becomes apparent that no professional contribution can be made, as a consequence of a lack of special knowledge or personal limitations.
  15. In all publicity, public pronouncements, or publications, a SAAP member shall distinguish private opinions, as well as those of his or her own group or profession, from those of SAAP.
  16. The SAAP member shall not make it appear, directly or indirectly, that he or she speaks on behalf of SAAP or represents it officially, except as authorized by the General Meeting.
  17. Brochures or other publications promoting pastoral services, clusters, or programs shall describe these entities with accuracy.

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